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Deluxe Edition, Trilogie Nikopol (La) : La Femme Piege (art edition)

Editions du Grand Vingtième (Les)

Huge (original page size) numbered & signed book, colour printing, cloth back, printed. French edition. Delivered in a Corvon-X Hammered CMH 46832 Titanium art box with magnetic flap + a portfolio.



La Femme Piege (art edition) 55 cm

Signed, Numbered

43,5 x 5,2 x 55 cm 5000 g




Deluxe Edition, Trilogie Nikopol (La) : La Femme Piege (art edition) © Casterman / Bilal



This Art edition is composed of the comic book deluxe edition (complete) that is presented in a Corvon® Metal-X Titanium Hammered Art box + portfolio. It contains 2 sheets on tracing paper, 1 b&w drawing (in between 2 other drawings) numbered & signed and partially hand painted by Enki Bilal making each piece of this edition a real unique piece of Art ! This edition is strictly limited to 48 copies each different from another ! The book is the deluxe edition of the 'La Femme Piege', volume 2 of the Nikopol trilogy series by Enki Bilal + 16 pages of drawings. It is delivered with 8 offset printing drawings (1 is numbered & signed by Enki Bilal) : 2 colour drawings + 4 b&w drawings on tracing paper + 1 huge triptych + a 2 pages facsimile of october 14th 1993 Libération newspaper ! A really marvellous book.

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