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Limited First Edition, Décalogue (Le) : Esquisses d'une oeuvre

Décalogue (Le) - 1

Deluxe edition under hard cover with a little sticked picture which contain a 40 pages book, with an Italian format, 2 colours offset printing, semi-rigid cover with a turned-down piece + a portfolio of 5 offset colour printed (all of them are numbered & signed) taking strips in their original colour (they are different from those used for the book printing).

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Esquisses d'une oeuvre 35.5 cm


Signed, Numbered

35,5 x 1,5 x 27 cm 926 g



Limited First Edition, Décalogue (Le) : Esquisses d'une oeuvre © Glénat / Béhé



Everything you always wanted to know on a strip cartoon finally revealed. 'Esquisses d'une oeuvre' reveales every preliminary works made by Joseph Behe from the descriptions of characters, environments and Franck Giroud's original scenario : sketch, story-board, use of photographic documentation and computing, changed cases with bubble seatings, recentrings, reviewed scenes, from the entirely remade board to the final sequence completely conceived again... Every secret of a successful album. French edition.

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