Limited First EditionNumbered-Signed

Limited First Edition, James Healer : James Healer

(+ ex-libris)
James Healer - 1
De Vita , Swolfs

Hard cover book printed in b&w + 8 colour pages of sketches and previously unpublished drawings in a colour printed cover. It is delivered with a numbered and signed serigraph, 3 colour printed bookplates and a complete police file.

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James Healer 36.5 cm


Signed, Numbered

27,5 x 1,8 x 36,5 cm 1070 g



Limited First Edition, James Healer : James Healer © Le Lombard / Swolfs - De Vita



Superb 'Camden Rock' deluxe edition, 'James Healer' series volume 1. French edition. Book embellished by a gorgeous original sktech drawing by De Vita + a numbered & signed offset printing bookplate (Raspoutine).

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