Limited First EditionNumbered-Signed

Limited First Edition, Julien Boisvert : Charles (little mark)

Julien Boisvert - 4
Dieter , Plessix

Hard cover big size book, numbered & signed, cloth bound, b&w printing. Delivered with a numbered & signed serigraph. NOTE ; the book sod here has a mark on the back right corner.

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Charles (little mark) 40.5 cm


Signed, Numbered

30,5 x 1,2 x 40,5 cm 1153 g



petit coup

Limited First Edition, Julien Boisvert : Charles (little mark) © Delcourt / Plessix - Dieter



Deluxe edition of the 'Charles' album, volume 4 of the 'Julien Boisvert' series, which tells the exotic and fantastic story of a young man, with gorgeous graphism and colors. French edition.

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