Plastic Figurine

Plastic Figurine, Schtroumpfs (Les) : Smurf Set 1990-1999


Hand painted plastic figurines in a decorated cardbox.


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Smurf Set 1990-1999 5.5 cm
2,5 x 3 x 5,5 cm 200 g


Plastic Figurine, Schtroumpfs (Les) : Smurf Set 1990-1999 © IMPS / Peyo



More than 50 years with the Smurfs Schleich: impossible to avoid to design a collection 'best-of' from the last five decades ! This set contains the Smurf figurines such that one could find them in the years 1990 to 1999 from Schleich. All the Smurfs love to run and skip around their mushroom village but some also like to keep fit and take part in sports activities. This set of five comes with a swimmer who loves to swim in the near by river, a golfer who enjoys playing on their miniature course made by Handy Smurf.

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