PVC Statuette

PVC Statuette, Avengers (The) : Wasp Bishoujo Statue


PVC statue, scale 1/7 28cm with base, delivered in window box.



Wasp Bishoujo Statue 28 cm
14 x 8 x 28 cm 800 g


PVC Statuette, Avengers (The) : Wasp Bishoujo Statue © Marvel Characters Inc.



New addition to the Vinyl DC Bishoujo Shunya Yamashita product line by Kotobukyia, here comes Wasp. Here is Janet Van Dyne, otherwise known as The Wasp ! The Wasp is one of the first superheroines to appear in the Marvel Universe in Tales to Astonish #44. She was also one of the founding members of The Avengers ! This fairy-like representation of The Wasp highlights her modern black and gold costume, a suit that has become very popular for the character. Her toe touches the sculpted water base with a splash as she looks over her shoulder with a playful expression. Her wings sprout from her back and are about to flutter to lift her into the air.

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