PVC Statuette

PVC Statuette, Halo : ARTFX+ Mjolnir Mark V & Mark VI 21 cm


Pack of 2 statuettes in PVC size aprox. 21cm, with magnetized feet and special base. Packaging box-window. Require an easy assembly.



ARTFX+ Mjolnir Mark V & Mark VI 21 cm 25 cm
25 x 14 x 21 cm 1200 g


PVC Statuette, Halo : ARTFX+ Mjolnir Mark V & Mark VI 21 cm © Microsoft studios



Gorgeous statuette taken from the 'Halo' video game universe. Kotobukiya returns to the best-selling HALO series with an all new Master Chief ARTFX statue! Master Chief strides forward, ready for action as he walks down a ramp designed by the Forerunners, weapon in hand. This non scale ARTFX statue features limited articulation at the neck and waist, and interchangeable arms for the creation of your own dynamic poses. Display Master Chief with rifle at the ready or up over his shoulder and a grenade in his left hand. Halo is a multi-billion dollar military science fiction video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed by 343 Industries and owned by Microsoft Studios. The series centers on an interstellar war between humanity and a theocratic alliance of aliens known as the Covenant. The Covenant, led by their religious leaders The Prophets, worship an ancient civilization known as the Forerunners, who perished in combat with the parasitic Flood. Many of the games center on the experiences of Master Chief John-117, one of a group of soldiers codenamed Spartans, and his artificial intelligence (AI) companion, Cortana. The only other single Spartan focused on in the series is Noble Six, the main protagonist of Halo Reach. The term 'Halo' refers to the Halo rings: large, habitable structures that were created by the Forerunners to destroy the Flood. They are similar to the Orbitals in Iain M Banks' Culture novels, and author Larry Niven's Ringworld concept.

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