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PVC Statuette

PVC Statuette, Starship Troopers : Tanker Bug Maquette Standard


PVC figure delivered in window box



3500 g


PVC Statuette, Starship Troopers : Tanker Bug Maquette Standard ©



Tanker Bugs are part of the Arachnid Army used during the Klendathu Campaign. The Tanker Bugs are large and have the ability to spray a stream of napalm from the center of their head. They do have several weaknesses and are susceptible to grenades and heavy weapons. The Tanker Bug was created by Tippett Studios for the production of Starship Troopers. Tippett Studios used this Tanker Bug to study movement and as a maquette for final paint and design. Tippet Studio used the original molds and masters to recreate this exact maquette of the Tanker Bug. The Tanker bug is a massive 24” long, 18” wide and 7” tall. There are two versions of the Tanker Bug, a limited edition 250 signature edition and our Standard Edition. The Signature Edition includes a custom plaque stand to display with the Tanker Bug. Each plaque and COA is hand signed by Phil Tippett.