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Resin Statuette, Astérix : Agecanonix

Goscinny , Uderzo

Hand painted resin statue. Comes in a carboard box with a numbered certificate.



Agecanonix 13 cm


6 x 7 x 13 cm 159 g




Resin Statuette, Astérix : Agecanonix © Les Editions Albert-René / Goscinny-Uderzo



This statue in resin of Agecanonix was realized by Pascal Rodier (Pieces of nonsense Productions): " we could think that the fact of sculpturing the effigy of a doddery old man, reached(affected) of canitie, known for all its village for its character atrabilaire, acrimonious and quick in the boasting, represent for me a repulsive test(event). That's not the case! I felt the biggest of the pleasures to seize in the corner of each of the wrinkles the small inflection which would reveal the cunning, the craftiness, even the internal youth above suspicion of this ancestor - the only one who can justly boast of representing with dignity " our ancestors the Gauls!-. Well, I hope that you succeeded in discerning an understandable message in the middle of this amphigoric twaddle, for my part, I understood that my field of expertise was - and had to confine(quarter) itself to the sculpture, although I have some more progress to be carried out(to be achieved) there... "

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