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Resin Statuette, Catwoman : Classic Catwoman Premium Format Statue


Hand painted resin statue with mix media accessories & real tissue clothes. Comes in a decorative box. Limited and numbered edition



Classic Catwoman Premium Format Statue 57 cm


30 x 30 x 57 cm 4500 g


Resin Statuette, Catwoman : Classic Catwoman Premium Format Statue © DC Comics



Gorgeous statue taken from the "Batman" comics universe. "Catching me wasn't the difficulty, as I remember. The problem seemed to be that you didn't know what to do with me." Since her debut in 1940, Selina Kyle has led many lives as Gotham City’s most infamous cat burglar – and in that time worn just as many costumes. Inspired by her popular 90’s look introduced by Jim Balent with the launch of the first Catwoman solo comic title, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Classic Catwoman Premium Format™ Figure. Signifying the evolution of a more acrobatic and combative Catwoman, Selina lets her hair down for her nightly prowl, fitted in her skintight purple suit with thigh high black boots. Stopping only to flirt with danger, the fierce feline fatale readies her trademark whip, as she walks the ever-fine line between hero and villain.