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Resin Statuette, Chappie : Scout 22 1:4 Scale Statue

Gentle Giant

Hand painted resin figure provided in a decorated box.



Scout 22 1:4 Scale Statue 47 cm


25 x 25 x 47 cm 4000 g


Resin Statuette, Chappie : Scout 22 1:4 Scale Statue © Media Rights Capital



Gorgeous statue taken from the 'Chappie' movie universe. In the midst of rising crime and losses among the Royal South African Police, TetraVaal has introduced the successful SCOUT program to combat the deadly criminal elements that operate throughout the country. Since the introduction of the Scouts, crime has plummeted, the police are safer and TetraVaal stock is at an all-time high. Scout 22 is one of hundreds of robots that patrol Johannesburg, assisting the RSAP with high risk assignments that would otherwise be too deadly for their human counterparts to engage in. Working with the original digital files used for the filming of Chappie, Gentle Giant Ltd brings you Scout 22.

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