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Resin StatuetteNumbered

Resin Statuette, Mona Street : Mona Street

Infinite Statue

Hand painted resine statue, delivred in a decorated carboard box.


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Mona Street 28.5 cm


14 x 14 x 28,5 cm 1201 g



Resin Statuette, Mona Street : Mona Street © Numagazine / Frollo



Mona Street looks like a quite common English name but if you think that mona in Venetian dialect means 'the thing', centre of femininity by definition (and pushing the comparison a little more far, Synecdoche of woman) and if one remembers that Leone Frollo is of Venetian origin (from the Rialto district, heart of the heart of the foggy and damp serene)the word game no doubt. Consider also created assonance, in Italian, by the word 'street' and the 'narrow' adjective ('stretta') and the narrative then takes a playful turn leaving its place to a series of egrillardes allusions. Series Mona Street consists of three albums released between 1988 and 1995 for the Glamour International team and who brought Leone Frollo at the Summit of Olympus of erotic comics of quality. Consecration of an artistic life well full since Frollo is a confirmed writer who touched at all kinds of comics. Eager to stay with the theme of eros, it was inspired by the very popular Biancaneve (1972), through some challenging heroines until the publication, in monographs and journals of quality such as Glamour or Diva for example, countless illustrations the watercolours, coloured pencils or ink. Happen eventually to the character of Mona Street, created from scratch (whether the texts and drawings) and whose escapades will be published around the world, from the European countries (France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia) South America and the United States. Of course, readers, abroad, could not enjoy the pun formed by the name of Mona Street but caressing sensuality of this young ingenue will certainly enough to fill. Between candor and well studied malice, Mona manages to hang by his naughty look of little Saint, all eyes focusing on it.

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