Special EditionNumbered-Signed

Special Edition, Maître de Jeu (Le) : Testament

Maître de Jeu (Le) - 1
Charlet , Corbeyran
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Hard cover book with a cloth edge and delivered with a superb silk-screen printing bookplate numbered and signed.

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Testament 29.7 cm


Signed, Numbered

22,5 x 0,9 x 29,7 cm 432 g



Special Edition, Maître de Jeu (Le) : Testament © Delcourt / Corbeyran - Charlet



Deluxe edition of the 'Le Maître de Jeu' series volume 1 published by Delcourt editor. This is the first edition (colour printing) with a previously unpublished hard cover (representing a drawing especially made by Charlet) ! French edition.

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