Toy, Popy Big Scale DX Yamato battle ship MISB


Ship in cardboard box with window and flap, placed in a protective frigolite.

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Popy Big Scale DX Yamato battle ship MISB 52 cm
52 x 7 x 15 cm 700 g



Toy, Popy Big Scale DX Yamato battle ship MISB © Popy



The largest ship ever made by the company Popy, only for the Japanese market. The Yamoto battel ship series, which aired on A2 in 1981. This series was designed by the famous designer Leiji Matsumoto who had designed the Harlock series. The ship and its box are in perfect condition with all accessories (see photo) More than 50cm, it is a huge battleship of space with its missiles and vessels (gray). Chrome guns can be opened, deployed and pivoted. Compartments on the sides can be opened to the gray vessel. The top portion of the vessel can be opened to accommodate the bombs. Its landing gear rotates but can also be returned. This vessel was created in December 1980, it was made of plastic which is very rare in the creations of the company Popy but given its size the company has opted for the plastic for the kids to play with. Remember that although today it is a real museum piece, it was a toy at the bottom. It was never opened except for the photograph.

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