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Used European Comic Books, King cop : King cop

King cop - 1
Hechtenkopf , Saracino

SECOND HAND BOOK. Album hardcover, 46 pages, color printing.


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King cop 29.8 cm


21.7 x 0.8 x 29.8 cm 394 g


Used European Comic Books, King cop : King cop © Wetta / Hetchenkopf - Saracino



The first 100% produced by B. D. Wetta written and drawn by two defectors CARTOON, NETWORK and DISNEY! Male monkey, man, mad scientist, mafia and pin-ups ... Detective Jack Kingmovitz finds himself trapped by his worst enemy, Legrand Bello, who carries with him a terrible vengeance for turning the city police in ridiculous transplant Jack's brain into the body of a monkey! But the farce of Legrand will backfire against him as Jack realizes the potential of his enemy offered him despite himself. Only problem: Couple of Jack's life, the man in the gorilla body is disturbed by its new dual monkey brains.