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Make his e-shopping in safety, with ECommerce !Make his e-shopping in safety, with BeCommerce!


Loyalty programme

Earn points when shopping on our site and take advantage of discounts on future orders! 


How does it work ? 

1. You get points based on the total amount of your order - € 1 bought * = 1 point earned 

2. You convert your points into a voucher to be deducted from future orders.  100 points earned = 1 € discount  * 1 € including VAT, excluding shipping costs.

An example is worth a thousand words !

François has placed an order of €125 on the site. Upon receipt of payment, 1.25 € is automatically added to his account.  For his next order, Francis can either continue to accumulate points on his account or deduct € 1.25 from his order.      


You can choose!  


-       only orders placed on the website are covered by the loyalty programme.

Items purchased in our Exclusives SALES do not count towards points.  

Some products are not included in the loyalty program (gift vouchers, wrapping, etc, ...).